Why You Became An Alcoholic (and the Keys to Escape)

Why did you become addicted while your friends and family around you did not?

It's time to make strong, strategic choices to battle back

It’s time to make strong, strategic choices to battle back

There are two key causes that lead people down the treacherous road of alcoholism and addiction in general. Knowing these two causes will help you to begin your effective recovery campaign and uncover the freedom for which you’re searching.

Your Natural Tendencies

The cards are stacked against you before you were even born. The chemical and biological design of your body’s systems is fundamentally different from a non-alcoholic. Yes, indeed, alcoholism is hereditary and can be passed down through generations. If your parent is an alcoholic, you are biologically more likely to become inflicted with the disease as well.

An alcoholic’s body metabolizes alcohol in a much different way than a non-alcoholic. A non-alcoholic has a built-in defense mechanism that says, “I’m feeling a buzz, so I’ve probably had enough; I shouldn’t have any more drinks.” An alcoholic, on the other hand, doesn’t have this apparatus. They have a similar one, that acts completely opposite. When an alcoholic gets a buzz, their contraption triggers a heavy craving in their mind and body which says, “I need more; I must have more.”

Your Surrounding Environment

Your environment shapes who you are. The social influences that you were exposed to growing up, as well as your current circumstances, can lead you to make rash, uninformed choices. If, when your parents were stressed, they sought consolation in the bottom of a bottle, then you probably quickly learned how to do the same. Getting drunk and drinking become sealed into your life’s repertoire.

More importantly, because you’ve learned to cope in an unhealthy way, you haven’t learned to cope in a healthy manner. Finding your mother or father passed out on their bed or on the couch after school may have been normal – or, even worse, witnessing aggressive assaults between your parents regularly.

Its Time to Act

There is hope. Not all children who grow up in an alcoholic home become an alcoholic. Not all children who are predisposed to the disease end up getting infected. Armed with this knowledge, you can start to make strong, strategic choices to battle back.

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