Why Ledgehill?

Ledgehill is a place where significant change can and does happen. Our clients have hope, they find happiness, rebuild relationships and find joy. The combination of an individual’s motivation to change and our balanced holistic treatment program is what affects this change.

It is an intensive and active program. We accept clients into our program who have a good general level of physical health and stable mental health. Every aspect of our programming is evidence based. We pay attention to detail, nutrition, exercise, physical environment, counseling, therapies – everything is addressed.

Ledgehill understands that when you go home, help is still needed. We provide additional support once you leave Ledgehill with regular email contact to continue to address the issues that lead to your addiction.

About the facility

Ledgehill was named for “the ledge on the hill,” a prominent landmark that exists on the 110-acre property. Nature abounds, fields, woodland, beaches and coastline are all within reach, with several connected walking paths.

Originally the site of a farm from the 1800s, the property was built as a corporate training center and retreat to 4-star hotel standards. Guests often remark that it feels like a “charming inn.” Indoors, you can find private, well-appointed bedrooms, numerous meeting rooms, several fireplaces, a library, a dining area, and a sunroom.

Private and away from distractions and temptations, Ledgehill is exactly where it needs to be. Visit our Photo Gallery to have a look.

We want you to be comfortable while here. Men and women are provided with separate living quarters.


Many people, when faced with the prospect of entering a rehab facility, understandably feel that they would prefer to be close to home. However, this can be a mistake. In order to break past habits, it is more effective to be in a neutral environment. Rehab facilities that are located in cities or subdivisions can be too close to sources of temptation for their clients.

Ledgehill is in a rural area, safe from the temptations of city life, and it is very accessible, located two hours by road from Halifax’s Stanfield International Airport.