I was lucky enough to do the 90 day PTSD/addiction program at Ledgehill. The staff is very down to earth and comforting. They make being away from home easier and helped me engage socially as well. I had more laughs with clients and staff here at Ledgehill than anywhere I have ever been. I was very resistant of treatment for the first 30-60 days but continued to follow the program regardless. Day 60 the fog lifted from my head and everything seemed to make sense and come together. With the help of my counselor I was able to break free the shackles of my obsessive thoughts and cravings. By doing this I was able to focus more on my recovery, and I was able to absorb the information provided more and more as my head cleared. I have to tip my hat to the cooks at Ledgehill. I didn’t have a meal I wasn’t impressed with. The food is amazing! To all the staff, thank you”.”

Dave W. – Feb 2018

I just wanted to thank you, coming to Ledgehill changed my life completely, not only did it give me a new beginning in my life, but it also gave me sobriety. My fears and shame that I have had a chance to come to face with is all thanks to my experience at Ledgehill, the amazing staff and the beautiful grounds. Thank you for my sobriety, happy holidays to you all.”

          From a Former Client in a Holiday Card

My husband received treatment in 2010 and he is doing fantastic. I often ask him, what did they do to you in Nova Scotia? Whatever it was, it is working!!! He is calmer, laughs, smiles, sings, is no longer afraid of heights…he actually went on a half mile zip line in Collingwood, does not smoke or drink..it’s a miracle. And our marriage is better than ever.”

          From the wife of S. – Sept 2012

Ledgehill is a great place.. G. was so blessed to able to be there with you guys and to be able to learn who he really is.. The help that he received there has given him the tools, that he is using today, to live a very positive life for him and his family.. He has started back to work and he said he can’t believe how clear his head is.. I have no doubt that he is getting stronger and stronger and he is attending NA, Counselling and we are doing marriage counselling. We love our new lives and we have such a positive outlook on life, thanks to what you have shown G and he has shown us. We are sharing a lot more with each other and enjoying life without drugs or drinking..I can never be able to thank you enough for the help that everyone has given to G. He was blessed to be able to me with you guys and I know he misses it a lot. G and I are both reading a lot more and enjoying it. I am enjoying getting to know G… he’s such a wonderful person. Thanks so much for all you have done and continue to do in our lives..We now practice some of the ways that you have at Ledgehill…holding hands at suppertime, talking about our day and little sayings…it has created such a positive atmosphere in our home and I love it..our kids love it..Thanks to all the staff..Take care..and we will keep in touch.”

          From the wife of G.