Sober Living Environment

For Ledgehill participants who complete our 60 day residential rehab program (or longer) Ledgehill is pleased to offer a sober living house option.

Sober living provides an interim environment between residential rehab for substance abuse and the future life of a recovering addict. While the idea originally came from a halfway house for alcoholics it has evolved over the years to be an important part of treatment for all types of addiction. Many recovering addicts find that an interim step between the safety of full time rehab treatment and “being back out in the world” helps them to not only maintain their recovery but allows them to have the structure and support they require to build lifetime habits of sobriety.

The decision to include sober living can be made before coming to rehab or during the stay just prior to completing treatment. Our trained professional counselors work with the individual and their support system to determine how to best help continue recovery.