Program in-depth

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The standard program is 42 days long, seven days a week. We also offer a 90-day program and a 60-day program.

It is important for any addiction recovery program to run seven days a week – this avoids the dangerous pitfall of the client returning to the environment in which their problems manifest themselves. Ledgehill also stresses the importance of the 42-day minimum program. In our experience, this is the minimum time needed to uncover the root causes of a client’s addiction and to instill the skills needed to prevent relapse.


At Ledgehill, our approach focuses on various strength and evidence-based therapies including: Narrative, Behavioral, and Cognitive Behavioral.

The program’s focus is on the individual as a whole: body, mind, spirit and situation. Addiction impacts all elements, so each one is addressed based on the needs of the client.

Every aspect of our program is evidence-based – providing the best care and treatment for every client that comes to our facility.  We also pay attention to detail; everything is addressed, including nutrition, exercise, physical environment, counseling and therapies.

While we do have group activities, we take great care to avoid prescribing a one-size-fits-all program.

The Day-to-Day

The weekdays are structured similar to a workday. Our mornings commence at 7:15am with a morning routine, which includes readings, a wholesome breakfast, and mindfulness and mediation sessions. Every day from Monday to Friday, there are psycho-educational and process groups from 9:15am-10:30am and 12:45pm-2:30pm. Mid-morning and mid-afternoon are for recreational breaks or therapy that may include phototherapy, art, yoga, meditation or hiking. Evenings are primarily self-directed time, with the exception of three community baed AA or NA meetings.

The weekends are for day trips, laundry, 12-Step Recovery meetings, and other self-directed activities.


When faced with the prospect of entering a rehab facility, many people understandably feel that they would prefer to be close to home.

However, in order to break the habits of the past, it is much better to be in a completely neutral environment. Rehab facilities that are located in cities or subdivisions can be too close to sources of temptation for their clients.

Our facility is in a rural area, safe from the temptations of city life.


Undergoing a rehabilitation program requires a lot of energy. When you are fully engaged with the program, you will find times when it is fun and times when it is emotionally draining. Therefore, clients need the best possible environment to support their recovery. This is why we offer private and semi-private rooms each with an en-suite bathroom, all high-quality meals are provided and the facility itself is located on a peaceful 100-acre property. Men and women are provided with separate living quarters.


We provide additional support once you leave Ledgehill with regular contact to continue to address the issues that lead to your addiction.

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