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Mental health and addiction treatment in Nova Scotia, Canada.

About Ledgehill
for Women

If you or a loved one are suffering from addiction with underlying mental illness or trauma, we provide evidence-based treatment in a peaceful, gender-separate environment.

Women often take on the work required to run a household, raise a family, and manage a workplace. Unfortunately, these responsibilities mean taking on additional stress, pressure, and trauma that can lead to a reliance on substances.

In addition, substance use disorders for many women stem from childhood abuse that often involved a male aggressor.

We provide a safe space for women to explore shared issues around gender bias, abuse, and domestic violence in the company of other women.

Through our focus on the inter-relationship between mind, body and spirit, clients learn to follow an integrated path to addiction recovery.

Using powerful tools such as mindfulness techniques, stress and anxiety reduction, and the learning of self-compassion and self-care, we provide the vital experience which allows our clients to heal and make lasting positive changes in their lives.

You just want the pain to stop, and you don’t think you’re capable of making it stop.”


Our treatment facility

Our beautiful and serene location in rural Nova Scotia, Canada, and caring professional staff provide the perfect environment for you or your loved one to receive the treatment they require.

what we

We address chemical addictions, such as alcohol, drugs, and behaviour addictions, such as gambling and sex. It is common to suffer from more than one type of addiction.

It is also common to experience anxiety and/or depression along with addiction, and our programs address these possibilities.

Our Addiction Treatment Program

Our holistic program focuses on helping you or your loved one learn the healthy lifestyle habits that lead to a lasting recovery. These include fitness, nutrition, yoga, enjoying the natural environment and most of all learning to have fun in healthy ways.

We also offer creative space to explore art and music. Our skilled clinical team provides a variety of courses, and clients receive educational programming to support their recovery on various levels.

Beautiful & Secure Environment

Nestled in the rolling hills of Nova Scotia’s Annapolis Valley, Ledgehill’s natural setting sets it apart from the distractions and temptations of urban life.

Semi-Private Rooms

We offer semi-private rooms with ensuite bathrooms to provide special space for rest and relaxation.

Comprehensive Addiction Therapy

Our clients receive individual and group therapy depending on their specific needs. Our clinical team provides a combination of evidencebased, valuesbased, and contextual therapies.

Medical & Psychological Consultations

Our female clients have specific medical and psychological needs. The professionals on our team are all highly skilled and provide an atmosphere of support particularly suited for women.

Medical Detox

Detox is coordinated by our medical team and supervised by on-site full-time nurses. We take every precaution to ensure this first important stage towards recovery is comfortable and safe.

Delicious Nutritious Meals

In consultation with a nutritionist, our culinary team provides high quality, nourishing meals that meet clients’ specific needs in recovery.

Aftercare Training

The first three to six months following treatment can be a vulnerable time. Therefore, we create individually tailored recovery plans and maintain contact with our clients to address issues that may lead to relapse.


Our fees are all-inclusive, which means we do not sell additional services to our clients when they come to our centre. The only money you or your loved one will need to bring is for personal expenditures. All of our clients receive the same care and professional level of treatment.

iFinancing Medicard

Ledgehill is a private treatment centre that offers many ways to fund recovery, including through your employer benefits program.

One of our admissions counsellors will walk you through our fees and the available payment options.

We’ve partnered with Medicard to help provide financing for treatment. Talk to us to learn more: 800-676-3393.

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