I don’t like it when my mom drinks


I don’t like it when my mom drinks. It’s like she becomes a different person. Like she’s not my mom anymore.

Mom and Dad came to my Christmas concert last week and I know she was drunk. It was really embarrassing watching her knock chairs around as she struggled to get to her seat. After the concert, she was talking to my friends’ parents and I could hear her slurring her words. I could also smell the booze on her. I’m sure people could tell but they didn’t say anything. She probably would have lied if they asked her.

She lies a lot. She thinks I can’t smell it on her or notice how she’s acting differently but I can. Dad says she just has a couple drinks now and then. That’s a lie, too. She was drunk when we put up our Christmas tree this weekend. She got mad at me for not decorating it the way she wanted. I told her to do it herself and went to my room, which just made her angrier. I could hear her yelling at me until I put my headphones on.

Later, when she came to my room to apologize, she cried as she told me she just wanted Christmas to be special. I didn’t believe her. If she wanted it to be special, she wouldn’t drink the entire time. She would actually do something with us when we’re all home together, instead of drinking and napping. She would sleep in late on Christmas morning because she was hungover, and then get annoyed at me for opening a couple gifts before she came down.

I told her once to stop drinking. She just got mad and lied about how much she drinks. She says I have no right to tell her what to do. It’s like she doesn’t care what I think. And that’s what hurts the most.

(Disclaimer: The character in this story is not real but we all know someone who is similarly affected by addiction.)