Couples and Family Addiction Counseling

At Ledgehill we know that in order for recovery from addiction to last, an addict needs support. This can come from Friends, Work Colleagues, Team members etc. but without a doubt the greatest support comes from a spouse and/or family members. Unfortunately providing support for a recovering addict is not something that comes naturally or can be provided successfully through trial and error. It needs to be learned and both the spouse and family need support of their own – in addition to that which the addict needs.

By the time an addict seeks help for an addiction the negative behaviours and habits have usually been going on for so long that not only is the addict sick but the spouse and / or family is sick too. Addiction is a disease that affects families. It has been said that an addict takes their family hostage. Just as a kidnapping victim needs help when their ordeal is over so to do family members of an addict.

While an addict is at Ledgehill or another treatment program, getting better and learning how to function without addiction controlling them, their family needs to spend time learning what to expect when their loved one comes home. Often there will be resentment and emotions to be dealt with. Things will have changed and change is difficult.

Sadly many families that have been able to last through the negatives and difficulties of addiction don’t make it post recovery because they don’t know how to deal with one another without the crisis and coping mechanisms that were developed during the “addiction days”. They fall back into enabling, rationalization and bad habits that lead to family breakdown, relapse etc.. To avoid this, the spouse and family of a former addict need to be prepared.

At Ledgehill addicts receive daily therapy and treatment throughout their stay. Beginning in the third week we begin to involve family in the recovery. This can be in person, if distance allows, or as in the majority of cases since clients are traveling from far away to be with us, takes place by phone, video conference etc.

We provide the proven best practices, skills and preparation necessary to make the homecoming happy, healthy and lasting. It is going to be hard. Things will be different. Help will be needed. We provide that help as part of the treatment program and continue post stay as part of Ledgehill aftercare.