Do You Have the Courage to Quit?

Moving past other people’s judgments and your own insecurities, are you brave enough to start taking simple, practical steps to get back on track and live in freedom again?

Get Addiction Help

Are you brave enough to start taking simple, practical steps to get back on track

You may have recently found yourself saying one of these statements over the past few weeks:

But… I’m not addicted.

If there is evidence that proves that you’re addicted, and you deny it, its time to start looking for help because you have an addiction. Do you find yourself looking for excuses to get to your next fix? Denial is a classic coping mechanism that attempts to mask a root problem.

But… it doesn’t hurt anyone.

You may believe – sincerely – that your addiction doesn’t hurt anyone else or that your friends and family don’t notice or care. You may not feel that your actions have consequences. The effects of addiction may be subtle at first, but they can grow from small, insignificant vacancies to outright abuse and indulgence in the long term.

But… I have it under control.

This statement incriminates itself. Someone who isn’t addictive would feel no need to utter these words. Check your bank account – it tells the true story of where you spend your time and your money. If the numbers are telling a different story than the one you’re telling others, it may be time to start looking for some help.

But… [insert excuse here]

  • You can trust me now.
  • I didn’t touch my savings account.
  • I just got a bonus at work.

If you feel the need to make up any excuse to defend your addiction, you’re probably closer to a full-blown addiction than you think. Addicts tell themselves many stories to justify their actions, but then begin to believe their own lies.

Don’t wait until its too late. Don’t wait for your “white” lies to start spreading to your family and friends. Take a few minutes now to talk to George, our in-house addiction representative.