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4 New Paradigms about Drugs and Addiction

Though the chemicals in drugs and alcohol that manipulate and bake themselves into your brain are the initiator of your addiction, they are not the primary diet of your addiction. Your addiction is fed by the distress of finding your next fix. The distress of not being caught. The distress of not wanting to be in distress.

Addictions are shockingly common.

We’re an addicted culture. All of the major industries are built on our basic need for instant gratification: Cell Phones. Movies. Music. Video games. Email. Cable. Alcohol. Drugs. Sex. Here’s just how rampant the problem has become in Canada:

  • Our cell phones are rarely more than 3 feet from us at any given time.
  • Over 5 million use illegal drugs.
  • Over 1 million abuse prescriptions.
  • Over 6 million are hooked on cigarettes.
  • Over 7 million binge on alcohol.
  • Over 2 million are heavy drinkers.
  • Over 50,000 are compulsive gamblers.
  • Over 2 million are physically dependent on caffeine.

Crime is on the decline; drug offenses are on the rise. Read More …

Little-Known Facts that Will Help You Fight Your Addiction

what really causes addiction?

What really causes addiction?

Some aspects of addiction are little known, while others aren’t. Most importantly, here are 3 facts about addiction that are misconceived.

The Causes of Addiction

You may, like most, believe that an addicted person is someone who has a little too much to drink a little too often. This is, of course, how a dependency begins, but it very quickly takes on a more sinister form: disease. Once the disease has taken root, it feasts on the self-control and good will of its host, slowly attempting to remove the hope of recovery. But what really causes addiction? Read More …

Why haven’t sex addicts (and their partners) been told these facts?

Recovering from Sex addiction is a two way street

Recovering from Sex addiction is a two way street

It’s easy to put the blame where it doesn’t belong. Often, when a couple enters a therapy session, its often the case that one of the parties feels victimized, and helpless to solve the situation. Even the addicted one may feel that it is solely their responsibility to fix the relationship.

For a relationship to effectively recover from a sex addiction, everyone in the relationship must work to see the change they desire. Read More …

The Science of Addiction and Its Conflicting Pleasures

Addiction is a disease.

There isn’t just 1 cause of addiction.

Addiction is a disease. It usually begins as a teenager, or even a child. It’s very similar to other diseases; is blocks the regular, healthy systems of the related organs, resulting in serious, hazardous consequences. Diseases can be diagnosed and are treatable, but are more likely to be reversed the earlier they are discovered. Diseases don’t typically go away by themselves.

Like many other diseases, its impossible to narrow down a single factor to blame when trying to resolve why a person became addicted to drugs.

There isn’t just 1 cause of addiction. Read More …

What Happens to Your Brain When You Use Drugs?

Neural Network

The brain is series of 100,000,000,000 neurons, all connected and streamlined to communicate with each other

The human brain is complex. This three-pound organ computes when to breathe, what to think, what emotion to display, how to react to pain, and a billion other mini-and-not-so-mini reactions. The brain executes 4 functions:

  • Regulates your body’s basic systems
  • Interprets and responds to your environment
  • Assembles your thoughts
  • Builds your emotions
  • Controls your behaviour

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White Americans Are Dying Younger as Drug and Alcohol Abuse Rises

Posted on – April 20, 2016 By Sabrina Tavernise

Oxycodone pills

Oxycodone pills are sometimes prescribed for patients with chronic pain. Drug overdoses are reducing average lifespans for the white population as a whole. – John Moore/Getty Images

WASHINGTON — Life expectancy declined slightly for white Americans in 2014, according to new federal data, a troubling sign that distress among younger and middle-age whites who are dying at ever-higher rates from drug overdoses is lowering average life spans for the white population as a whole.

The new federal data, drawn from all deaths recorded in the country in 2014, showed that life expectancy for whites dropped to 78.8 years in 2014 from 78.9 in 2013. Men and women had declines, but because of statistical rounding, the decline did not appear as sharp among men.

Life expectancy for women fell to 81.1 in 2014 from 81.2 in 2013. The average life span for men also fell, but not enough to sink below 76.5 years, their life expectancy in 2013.

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The fear of using heroin is going away, and what comes next could be terrifying

Posted on Business Insider – March 7, 2016 by Harrison Jacobs

It’s no secret that heroin use is hitting record numbers in the US.

Erin Daly

Erin Marie Daly and her brother, Pat.

For journalist Erin Marie Daly, that fact became disturbingly real in 2009 when her 20-year-old brother, Pat, died of a heroin overdose.

In the intervening years, the problem has become only worse, with heroin-related overdose deaths nearly quadrupling between 2002 and 2013, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Since Pat’s overdose, Daly has tried to understand her brother’s death by investigating the causes and effects of his and hundreds of thousands of others’ addictions to heroin and prescription opioids. In 2014, she collected her findings into a book: “Generation Rx: A Story of Dope, Death, and America’s Opiate Crisis.”

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Wasted – The Nature of Things: Science, Wildlife and Technology – CBC-TV

Posted on CBC-TV – January 21, 2016

Maureen Palmer with Mike Pond in Vancouver

Filmmaker Maureen Palmer set out to make a documentary following her partner Mike Pond — a psychotherapist and an alcoholic five years sober — as he searched for the best new evidence-based addiction treatments. The intent was to help others battling substance use disorders

But to the couple’s shock and dismay, shortly after filming began, Mike drank again. In Wasted, Mike and Maureen’s attitudes and assumptions about addiction are tested in real time as the couple search for a treatment that will work for Mike.  A theoretical journey becomes very real and deeply personal.

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Girls’ Night Out

Posted on CBC-TV – February 25

Girls’ Night Out tackles the prevalent and often dangerous culture of binge drinking and young women, with the eye of a reporter, the curiosity of an anthropologist, and the sometimes-wounded heart of a teenage girl. A deeply personal point-of-view film embedded in the stories of young women engaged in, and in ‘recovery’ from, this toxic epidemic, Girls’ Night Out offers an intimate conversation around this very serious issue and explores the all-too-ubiquitous story of what’s happening to 80% of the young women at university campuses across North America with often damaging consequences.

Click Here to Watch – Canada Only

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Nova Scotia doctor alarmed by growing number of younger alcoholics

Posted on CBC News – March 2, 2016 by Jean Laroche

Dr. Warren Fieldus, an emergency room physician, is worried about the growing number of young people who need help for serious alcohol abuse. (CBC)

At Nova Scotia’s largest hospital, treating people who are drunk or suffering from alcohol-related injuries is commonplace.

But what really worries Dr. Warren Fieldus, an emergency room physician at the QEII Health Sciences Centre, is the growing number of young people who need help for serious alcohol abuse.

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