Admission and Application

Please find our four-step admissions application process below. The decision to take this step is often not an easy one; we encourage you to speak with us on the phone if you have not already.

Therapeutic consultations are also available. Ideally, this service takes place at Ledgehill, giving you the opportunity to visit our facility and meet our staff. Alternatively, our Senior Counselor is available to travel to meet and discuss your options.

Four steps to admission

In order to be admitted, the following steps need to be completed in this order:

      1. It all starts with a call. We interview all potential clients by phone to determine if Ledgehill is a good fit and to assure both the client and their loved ones that they are truly ready to take this major step towards recovery.
      2. Fill out and submit our Client Medical Questionnaire online or complete the PDF form and email,mail or fax it to us.
      3. Fill out and submit our Questionnaire for Family and Close Friends online or complete the PDF form and email,mail or fax it to us.
      4. Complete the Admission and Financial Commitment PDF form and email, mail or fax it to us.

Other information

Please read our guide for what to bring and what not to bring.

You may also find these directions to Ledgehill useful.

Contact information

Email: George Goldberger ([email protected])
Fax: (902) 484-6091
Mailing address:
7608 Hwy 201 RR #1
Annapolis County
Nova Scotia