For many people, what goes on inside an addiction treatment facility is a bit of a mystery. Sure, they might have a vague idea of the overall recovery philosophy, but when it comes to how each day is pieced together, they’re pretty much left wondering.

So, in today’s blog, we’re pulling back the curtain and giving you some first-hand insight into what life is like here at Ledgehill for Women, a mental health and addiction treatment recovery facility created for women.

Mornings at Ledgehill for Women: Nourishing Body and Mind

From Monday to Saturday, patients start their days with a wholesome breakfast before returning to their rooms to read from a curated selection of books that help support their recovery journey.

Now that both the body and mind have some nourishment, patients practice meditation to clear their minds and ready themselves for whatever the day throws at them.

While meditation might be unfamiliar to many, it’s something our patients come to appreciate as a life-long tool for keeping calm, coping with triggers, building better mental resilience, and avoiding relapse.

By mid-morning, it’s onto scheduled programming designed to provide patients a better understanding of the issues that feed addiction behaviour. This programming includes everything from techniques for handling anxiety and how to regulate emotions to navigating complex family issues.

When the morning winds to a close, patients gather to enjoy a great lunch and a bit of social time.

Afternoons: Inward Reflection and Winding Down

At Ledgehill for Women, afternoons are typically designed to help patients explore inward.

For some, that might mean a few more classes tailored to their specific needs. Others may participate in group or individual therapy.

When that exploration winds down, each patient heads back to their room to further reflect on what they’ve learned. This reflection often means journaling or diving into homework, but it’s different for each patient.

Physical Activity: Essential to a Holistic Approach to Addiction Treatment

As part of our holistic approach, we encourage our patients to make time for physical activity and getting outdoors. Fortunately, our pristine setting in the Nova Scotia countryside makes that a highlight of the day.

When patients aren’t hiking, biking, or swimming, they can often be found taking in a yoga class or even bowling!

Evening: Dinner and a Movie

As the day winds down, so do our activities. By 5:30 or so, the entire group is usually sitting down to a nice warm meal.

From there, we take time to unwind and build relationships with each other. Sometimes that means heading into the community or kicking back with a therapeutic movie.

Our Approach: An Integrated Path to Addiction Recovery

While the days are designed to be full, they’re carefully crafted to encourage you to be physically, mentally, and emotionally active while providing the right balance of rest and relaxation.

Ultimately, our program helps you:

  • be mindful
  • handle your emotions
  • better navigate the ups and downs of life
  • have fun in a healthy way

At Ledgehill for Women, our goal is to teach you how to thrive during your time with us while also providing you the tools and confidence you need to persevere on the outside.

Because what happens after treatment is the real measure of success!

We Can Help You

Ledgehill’s two facilities in Annapolis County, Nova Scotia, provide gender-specific treatment for men and women who need to heal in a peaceful, supportive environment free from fear or distraction. If you’d like to learn more about the addiction and mental health treatment programs provided by Ledgehill, enrol yourself in one of our programs, or refer someone else, please call us at 902-905-3586.