Non-alcoholic beverages don’t have to be boring.

In fact, there are locally produced drinks that are more interesting, more complex, better tasting, better for you, and have a better back-story than any of the carbonated cereals or fermented grape juices at the liquor store!

Next time you host a gathering, buy more than you think you’ll need and display these drinks prominently.

Your guests in recovery, designated drivers, and people who are simply trying to drink less or don’t drink at all will thank you!

1. Up Your Tea Game with a Kick of Goodmore Kombucha

Goodmore Kombucha offers carefully sourced teas and natural botanicals fermented in small batches, celebrating natural ingredients with uplifting and refreshing flavour combinations.

There are eight teas to choose from, and you can order variety packs directly from their website.

(Note that Kombucha contains trace amounts of alcohol, under 0.5%, so it may not be suitable for all guests.)

2. VIVEAU’s Sparkling Water is 50% Fresh Fruit, 100% Worth Celebrating

Viveau’s full-flavoured sparkling water is made with natural ingredients from the orchards of the Annapolis Valley in Nova Scotia. There are no added sweeteners or preservatives.

Choose from Wild Blueberry, Ripe Cherry, or Crisp Apple Cider.

3. For Your Health-Conscious Guests: Choose Sprout Therapy Cold-Pressed Juices

Sprout Therapy sources only fresh ingredients that are organic, spray-free, and locally sourced whenever possible. For them, juice and healthy eating are like therapy for clarity, mobility, and digestion.

These cold-pressed juices will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized!

4. Make After-Dinner Coffee More Refreshing with Dark Horse Cold Brew Coffee

Dark Horse’s Cold Brew is handcrafted in Dartmouth, slow-brewed, and filtered twice for a clean and crisp finish.

Serve it over ice with cream—or enjoy straight from the bottle.

5. Serve Up Iced Tea with a Fizzy Twist with Tea North’s Organic Iced Tea

Tea North offers a variety of carbonated iced teas that are organic and sugar-free. Flavors feature imaginative combinations of high-quality, organic ingredients.

Maritimers can still be the life of the party with this stellar lineup of locally sourced, non-alcoholic beverages—besides, what could be more Maritime-forward than a drink handmade in our own backyard?

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