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Little-Known Facts that Will Help You Fight Your Addiction

what really causes addiction?

What really causes addiction?

Some aspects of addiction are little known, while others aren’t. Most importantly, here are 3 facts about addiction that are misconceived.

The Causes of Addiction

You may, like most, believe that an addicted person is someone who has a little too much to drink a little too often. This is, of course, how a dependency begins, but it very quickly takes on a more sinister form: disease. Once the disease has taken root, it feasts on the self-control and good will of its host, slowly attempting to remove the hope of recovery. But what really causes addiction? Read More …

Why haven’t sex addicts (and their partners) been told these facts?

Recovering from Sex addiction is a two way street

Recovering from Sex addiction is a two way street

It’s easy to put the blame where it doesn’t belong. Often, when a couple enters a therapy session, its often the case that one of the parties feels victimized, and helpless to solve the situation. Even the addicted one may feel that it is solely their responsibility to fix the relationship.

For a relationship to effectively recover from a sex addiction, everyone in the relationship must work to see the change they desire. Read More …