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Study: Future Lawyers Are Hiding Depression and Drug and Alcohol Use

Some law students fear that getting help for addiction and mental health problems will hurt their chances of becoming lawyers.

Posted On BloombergBusiness – January 8, 2106 – Author: Natalie Kitroeff

Some of America’s future lawyers are hiding drug, alcohol, and depression problems instead of seeking help, a new report shows. Law students with addiction and mental health issues may be afraid to report the problems because they think that doing so would jeopardize their chances of being admitted to the bar or getting a good job after graduating, according to the study, which was conducted by a law professor, a dean of law students, and the programming director of a nonprofit focused on lawyers’ mental health. It was published last month in the Bar Examiner, an industry magazine.

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Are you an alcoholic? It’s not as obvious as you might think

Posted on Yahoo Style – 01/05/2016 – Author: Robin Roberts

Chances are you raised a glass of something bubbly during a toast to a Happy New Year. Chances are you followed that toast with a resolution to make the year ahead better than the one before. And chances are one of those vows included cutting back — or out — on the very cheer you used to ring in a happier, healthier future. Why? Maybe because you’ve spent one too many nights praying to the porcelain god, one too many mornings wondering what you did the night before, one more wasted day nursing a wicked hangover. Maybe it’s because you’re afraid. Afraid you’re becoming — gulp — an alcoholic. But how can you know for sure?

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