Monthly archive for January 2015

My daughter was an alcoholic.

I think I was in denial for the longest time. There was no way that my daughter was an alcoholic.

At first, I thought Michelle was just being a typical teenager, drinking with friends whenever they could get their hands on some liquor. I didn’t like that she drank but I couldn’t get really mad at her. After all, I think we’ve all done it at that age.
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What price would you put on sobriety?

Before you answer, let’s think about what it costs to continue abusing alcohol or drugs. Even a moderate alcoholic or drug user can spend thousands of dollars a year feeding their addiction. The spending often increases as the addict becomes more susceptible to moderate doses, requiring more to feel the rush, or satisfaction of the substance. If you’re honest with yourself and do the math, you’ll see how all those trips to the liquor store or your dealer quickly add up.

And that’s just the beginning.

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