Addiction Treatment Facility

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Ledgehill is a place where significant change can and does happen. Our clients have hope, they find happiness, rebuild relationships and find joy. Every aspect of our programming is evidence based.


Ledgehill’s holistic approach allows our clients to manage their addictions so that they can maintain drug and alcohol-free lifestyles. We offer 7 and 9 week core programs.


Our property covers more than 110 acres of fields and woods. As part of the program, we often use the numerous paths, quiet areas, beaches and shorelines to reconnect with the serenity of nature and the outdoors.


We have brought together an excellent team of highly qualified counselors, therapists and support staff. Each staff member has a unique role in the recovery of every client.


Addictions Treated at Ledgehill

We address chemical addictions, such as alcohol, drugs, and behaviour addictions, such as trauma. It is common to suffer from more than one type of addiction. It is also common to experience anxiety and/or depression along with addiction – our programs are built to address these possibilities.

We Offer

  • First-class residential addiction treatment programs
  • Family programs
  • Comprehensive aftercare support
  • All-inclusive, highly competitive pricing
  • A safe, private environment in a stunning natural setting, peaceful yet easily accessible
  • Beautiful private and semi-private rooms, all with en-suite bathrooms
  • Fabulous home-cooked food
  • Financing is Available