Addiction Treatment Facility

The Team

We have brought together an excellent team of highly qualified counselors, therapists and support staff. We have a psychiatrist, psychologist and licensed therapists that can work with our clients. Each have a unique role in the recovery of every client. Our staff is passionate about what they do and many have personal or firsthand experiences with addiction.

George A. Goldberger, Chief Executive Officer BS.c

Having over 35 years of business experience throughout North America and Overseas as well as being a person in recovery, George has the expertise and understanding to be the perfect fit to lead our organization.

With his recovery experience and compassion George is the exact individual you need to talk with to understand our process of recovery. His Motto is “Its not about getting Sober, It’s about staying Sober.”

Having a passion for Sobriety and Business has been the perfect combination to allow George to take the organization to the next level of being certified by Veterans Affairs and Department of National Defense.


Dr. Carole MacInnis, Ph.D., MA., Program Director

Carole has her Ph.D. in Education and a Masters in Counselling Psychology. She is a Registered Psychologist in Nova Scotia.

Carole has many years of experience working in the fields of psychology and education. She has been the program director in educational, non-profit and for profit organizations. She has a strong background in assessment in a variety of clinical and educational settings. Besides her work at Ledgehill, she is currently teaching in the in counselling program at Acadia University as a part-time instructor and has a private practice specializing in transitions with adults, youth and families.

During transitions, people often experience grief, anxiety and depression. To support her clients she uses evidence-based approaches such as Cognitive Behavior Therapy and Solution-focused Therapy to support the clients in learning new ways to deal with times of stress. Besides helping her clients to change ineffective patterns to more positive strength-based ways of being, she also works with them to examine the emotional triggers which have resulted in destructive behaviors. Through this exploration people begin to develop a different way of seeing and understanding themselves. Carole enjoys working with individuals, families and groups who are going through periods of change. She feels privileged to be a witness to the courage it takes to break old patterns and embrace the future as it emerges from one day to the next.

Dr. Eva Adriana Wilson, B.Sc., B.A., M.D., M.Ed., FRCPC, Psychiatrist

Dr Wilson does psychiatric assessments and evaluations for Ledgehill.

Dr. Wilson completed her Medical Degree at the University of Manitoba and completed her Residency in Psychiatry at Dalhousie University. Dr. Wilson also earned her professional designation as a Mediator in Conflict Resolution and a Master’s in Medical Education. She uses all of these daily in empowering her patients to make the choices that are healthiest for them. These experiences have been key to her role as an advocate for her patients in school, work, family and legal settings.

Dr. Wilson has over 20 years of experience with community mental health activism and innovation. In addition to her private practice, Dr. Wilson is also an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychiatry at Dalhousie University’s Faculty of Medicine, teaching and mentoring residents and interested front-line workers in the field of mental health.

Dr Eric Balser, M.D., Medical Consultant

Dr. Balser has been a GP in Middleton for 19 years and has certification with the Canadian College of Family Physicians.  His has a special interest in Addictions since he began training as a physician in 1993.  He has been the Medical Director of addictions services in Middleton for 10 years.  Dr. Balser is a strong proponent of residential, longer term addictions care programs as a bridge between detoxification and stable recovery.

Beth Neville, R.N., BScN, CPMHN(c), MPN(c), Psychiatric Nurse

Beth graduated from the joint Cape Breton University / St. F.X. Bachelor of Science in Nursing program in 2009 with a passion for psychiatric and mental health nursing. She continued to follow this path gaining certificates for Promoting Recovery: Psychosocial Rehabilitation in Practice as well as Suicide Risk Assessment and Intervention through the Registered Nurses Professional Development Center in Halifax. Feeling her passion grow with further knowledge she continued on to gain certification as Certified Psychiatric and Mental Health Nurse through the Canadian Nurses Association. Upon completion of this she then enrolled in a new program offered though Brandon University in Manitoba, a Masters of Psychiatric Nursing. This program is the only one of its kind offered in Canada and she has completed all of the coursework and is working on a thesis which focuses upon the lived experience of women with depression, prescribed Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors and experiencing the sexual side effects of low libido/desire.

Beth approaches individuals from a holistic recovery approach. She believes that our past, our diagnosis or addiction do not define us as an individual and promotes self reflection and forgiveness. She has worked from a Cognitive Behavioural Therapy approach but opens herself to expand her own knowledge and understanding to suit that of the individual she is working with. She believes there is no one right answer or approach that fits all and will work with an individual to find what will work best for them. She is excited to join the Ledgehill team and continue growing with the individuals as they work towards recovery together.

Leanne Cameron, MEd, CCC, RCT-C, Counsellor

Leanne has an Advanced Diploma in Addiction as well as a Masters of Education in Counselling from Acadia. She is a Certified Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association and was admitted to  the Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists (NSCCT)  with the designation of Registered Counselling Therapist – Candidate.

Leanne believes in a client centred approach, encouraging clients to determine their own intrinsic motivation for change in their lives. She uses CBT, Motivational Interviewing, Solution Focused and Psychotherapeutic intervention strategies with her clients while integrating a bio-psycho-social-spiritual approach with treatment planning.

Leanne holds her clients recovery with great pride and support and feels honored to assist in their journey of insight and growth.

Gina Spidle, M.Ed, CCC, Counsellor

Gina has a BA in Soc from SMU and began her career in youth corrections before doing her Master of Education in Counselling at Acadia. She is a Certified Counsellor with the Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association and is working on becoming a Registered Counselling Therapist – Candidate with the Nova Scotia College of Counselling Therapists.

Gina works from a client centered approach, believing that her clients have their own answers and just need guidance to uncover them. She uses CBT, MI, Solution focused therapeutic techniques while integrating a bio-psych-social-spiritual approach.

She feel that her clients should be at the center of their treatment plan and is open to explore whatever will aid in their success.

Elena Basevich, Recreation and Healthy Living Coordinator, BA Psy.

I have been teaching yoga for nine years and have been practicing for over sixteen. During these nine years I have taught yoga in the Annapolis Valley, leading public classes, specialty groups and meditation workshops. I love my work!  I have also set up yoga classes in many of the public schools in this area, making yoga part of the gym curriculum and facilitating after school programs for staff and students alike.  I enjoy cycling, skating, hiking in the woods with my dog and practice yoga every day.  I feel that my calling is bringing health and fitness into people’s lives, becoming aware of their body and moving it as much and as often as possible is the path of happiness and health.  Rural Annapolis valley is an amazing place to enjoy nature, the forest, the stars, and the stillness associated with country living.  Being close to nature brings us back to ourselves.

Adam Lewis, Addictions Counsellor / Recreation and Healthy Living Program Coordinator

Adam has a Diploma in Addictions Counselling as well as online studies through the Addictions Technology Transfer Center of New England (Brown University), specializing in Relapse Prevention. Adam’s approach to recovery involves, personal and environmental awareness as well as developing and practicing abstinence based skills and strategies. He will give the clients and understanding of 12 Step Recovery and help them develop a comprehensive Relapse Prevention Plan as appropriate to their needs.

As Recreation and Healthy Living Coordinator, Adam has received certification through the YMCA as a fitness instructor, and his passion for Healthy Living comes from seeing, first hand, the benefits of adding exercise, proper diet and enjoyable fun activities to his own recovery program,

A local resident, he has worked at Family and Children’s Services of Annapolis County, facilitating a variety of programs for children and their families. As a volunteer he has sat on community based addiction boards and committees and facilitated many Drug Intervention sessions in schools throughout the Annapolis Valley.

Susan, Program Assistant

Susan grew up, lived and worked most of her life in Nova Scotia. Five years ago after a career in private business and public service she relocated to the Annapolis Valley to begin her journey in recovery. Rather than return to the business world Susan chose to become part of our team as she truly believes part of her recovery is to pay it forward by sharing her personal Experience, Strength and Hope with others beginning their journeys in recovery. Susan’s passion for life and recovery is reflected in the growth she inspires with each client with whom she shares.

Howard, BSc (Hon), PDt, CFM.

As a Registered Dietitian and consultant to Ledgehill, Howard brings extensive experience in nutrition counselling, diet therapy and food product development. Howard is a proponent of food as therapy, believing that the right food and lifestyle choices can have a major impact on mental and physical well-being.

Wally our therapy dog

Wally joined our team all the way from Florida. Wally is a pure breed Standard Poodle. Still a pup he comes from a long line of therapy dogs. The clients love him as much as he loves them. Take Wally snowshoeing on our beautiful trails brings total serenity and is therapy in itself.
What a great addition to our team.
We all luv you Wally