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Answer these questions ‘Yes’ or ‘No’, keeping a count of how many times you answer ‘Yes':

  • Have you ever used drugs other than those required for medical reasons?
  • Can you get through the week without using drugs or alcohol?
  • Have you had ‘blackouts’ or ‘flashbacks’ as a result of drug or alcohol use?
  • Do you ever feel bad or guilty about your drug or alcohol use?
  • Does your spouse or partner ever complain about your involvement with drugs or alcohol?
  • Has drug or alcohol use ever created problems between you and your spouse or partner?
  • Have you lost a job or experienced disciplinary measures at work because of drug or alcohol use?
  • Have you become involved in fights or arguments when under the influence of drugs or alcohol?
  • Have you ever experienced withdrawal symptoms (felt sick) when you stopped taking drugs or alcohol?
  • Do you try to limit your drug or alcohol use to certain situations?
  • Do you try to drink or use drugs secretly?
  • Has any family member ever sought help for problems related to drug or alcohol use?
  • Have you ever neglected your family or missed work because of your drug or alcohol use?
  • Have you ever been in hospital for medical problems related to your drug or alcohol use?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to 5 or more of the above questions you may be experiencing problem substance use. Call us – we can support you in assessing your substance use, evaluating your options, and making a plan that best fits your needs.

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