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We want to make our services available to as many clients as possible, and so fees at Ledgehill are very competitive compared to those charged by other treatment centers.

At Ledgehill, there are no additional fees

We do not sell additional services to our clients when they come to Ledgehill. Everything needed for your treatment is included in the price.

The only money you will need to bring is for personal expenditures. There are no extra charges for any of the activities that you will undertake at Ledgehill, and we do not charge for collecting clients from the airport.


We prefer to run our center this way because we believe that our clients need to be free to concentrate on their recovery during their time with us, and not have the distraction of having to making purchasing decisions. We also feel that it is in the best interests of our clients that they know exactly what their treatment is going to cost before they embark upon a program with us.

Taking into account this all-inclusive approach, and the quality of our environment and programs, Ledgehill’s fees represent superb value for money.

Fees effective May 1 2013 for our core residential programs

30 day program – $ 12,950

45 day program – $ 17,950

60 day program – $ 22,950

90 day program – $ 30,950

All clients receive the same professional level of treatment while at Ledgehill within their respective programs. All fees are subject to taxes / HST.


Don’t let funding keep you from recovery. Many insurance providers and employers cover or subsidize treatment at Ledgehill. Third-party financing is also available through banks and services such as Medicard and we can often offer other custom negotiated suggestions. Call us today and we can have a confidential discussion.

Medicard Brochure and Application

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