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Ledgehill Drug Rehabilitation Center – ideally situated for clients from Ontario

Are you addicted to drugs? If you or a loved suffer with the problems of drug addiction, our drug addiction treatment and recovery center can help.

Recovery is possible; with our help you can regain control of your life, end the chaos of addiction and live fully once more.

We offer easy access from Toronto, Ottawa or Hamilton

You will be welcomed into the care of our committed and professional team just a few hours after leaving Toronto, Ottawa or Hamilton. Ease of access combined with a safe, private environment well away from the temptations of the city make Ledgehill the perfect place to stage your recovery from addiction.

We offer…

Ledgehill rehabilitation center bridge over pond

  • First-class personalized residential addiction treatment programs that work
  • Family programs
  • Comprehensive aftercare support
  • All-inclusive, highly competitive pricing
  • A safe, private environment in a stunning natural setting, peaceful yet easily accessible
  • Beautiful private rooms, all with en-suite bathrooms
  • Fabulous home-cooked food


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