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I thought it would be of interest to share a couple of stories with the clients, and get to use the “Big Book of AA” at the same time. The stories are of two female AA members, one a long time friend, the other is someone I am working with in the program.

I was at work last Sunday. It… Continue reading

Destiny Tree.

This artwork by a client shows her destiny tree.  The branches of the tree and its roots are the hands of the artist, they symbolize the many roles we have in life,  how we reach out to give or  receive help on our journey of recovery. The branches hold the doves of peace and  … Continue reading

There have been a number of evenings over the last few weeks where clients have enjoyed a social evening without drugs or alcohol. Clients have opted to play board games such as scrabble and monopoly, prepare and share a meal, or watch a movie or hockey match.   Everyone has joked around, there has been a lot of laughter and… Continue reading

With another client leaving us today having completed the program, we took the opportunity to say our farewells. This is an important moment, but we remind ourselves that leaving Ledgehill is not an event in itself; it is one more step in the unfolding of each individual’s recovery.

Saying goodbye as a group is not just for the individual client.… Continue reading

Today at our evening reflection, we talked of change, moving on and transition. There is so much fear associated with change, leaving behind the known and familiar to step out. Over the last week there have been two clients who have moved on after completing treatment. We talked of the friendships made and the importance of true friends in recovery,… Continue reading

We had an external provider at Ledgehill today to provide a drumming session for our clients. I was gratified to find that our clients seemed to really gain from the session. One client fed back how the drumming session was very enjoyable. In doing so he related the story shared by the lady conducting the session – about how she… Continue reading