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I was terrified of living sober but I was even more terrified of not living at all

I remember the first time I tried heroin. It was like being wrapped in a warm blanket and letting all the cares of the world – all my anxiety and worries – just float away. It was like nothing I had ever felt before and I loved it. Eventually, the high faded and I was shoved back into the world but it wasn’t long before I wanted to do it again. Read More …

I don’t like it when my mom drinks


I don’t like it when my mom drinks. It’s like she becomes a different person. Like she’s not my mom anymore.

Mom and Dad came to my Christmas concert last week and I know she was drunk. It was really embarrassing watching her knock chairs around as she struggled to get to her seat. After the concert, she was talking to my friends’ parents and I could hear her slurring her words. I could also smell the booze on her. I’m sure people could tell but they didn’t say anything. She probably would have lied if they asked her.
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Every year, I tell myself: this time will be different…


Every year, I tell myself: this time will be different… This time, I’m not going to drink too much at the office Christmas party.

It’s not like I set out to get drunk. Honestly, I plan on just having a good time and letting off a little steam.

It probably doesn’t help that I need a few drinks at home just to loosen up. I know I’m not the only one. After all, you have to prime the pump, right? Maybe others don’t drink a pint of vodka or a bottle of wine to do it but I don’t see the point of stopping when there’s only a couple drinks left in the bottle.
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I didn’t always hate the holidays


I didn’t always hate the holidays…

When my husband Greg and I first got married, the holidays were fun. We could spend the entire time going from party to party, visiting friends and family and having a festive time. He was one of those guys who could keep a party going all by himself and be the center of attention. In all honesty, it was fun. I didn’t even mind that he’d drive us home afterward – half cut, radio blaring and a window cracked to keep him alert. Sometimes, there’d even be ‘one for the road’ sitting in the cup holder. Read More …