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Monthly Archives: October 2010

I was delighted to received a phone call from a client yesterday who had recently completed treatment. Tomorrow he has been clean and sober for 100 days, and called to share the news that he was successful in getting a job that he had applied for. He tried a unicycle over the weekend and loved it so much, he is… Continue reading

Once more I have been very gratified by the way that our clients give so generously to make newcomers feel welcome at Ledgehill. Our check-out session last night was so positive, with clients sharing their experience of how difficult is had been for them to seek help and how fearful it can be to arrive in the new environment of… Continue reading

I had an interesting conversation today with one of our clients who is coming to the end of a long-term program with us. She said that although her time at Ledgehill had been life-changing and transformational, there were parts of the program that meant less to her than others, and some things that had been repeated a couple of times.… Continue reading

Two of our clients expressed some anxiety about their imminent departure from Ledgehill. Despite having a recovery plan in place, with all the resources needed for aftercare from both Ledgehill and external agencies, it is natural to feel some concern as to how things will work out.

My view is that it is much better to have these concerns (and… Continue reading

This morning in general conversation with A, he stated that his time at Ledgehill was the best investment that he has ever made. Everything positive he does from here on in will be a direct correlation of his rehab journey. He talked of improved self-esteem and confidence; of how he does not have to stand back and let people dictate… Continue reading

I received an interesting email from Alberta Sequeira today, making kind comments on our facility.

The heartbreaking story of the destruction wrought on Alberta’s family by alcoholism is a story that is sadly all too familiar to anyone who works in the field of addiction.

Alberta shares her experience for the benefit of others through her books and speaking engagements.

Yesterday evening I introduced myself to our newest client and we started talking about recovery almost immediately. She is very highly motivated to work hard and is fully aware of the testing times that lie ahead. I was delighted that our existing clients made her so welcome, both as part of the ‘buddy’ system that we run and also just… Continue reading